Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

By Molly Grainger | 20th March, 2024 in Tips

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration: Finding the Perfect Ensemble for your Squad

Bridesmaids are not just an essential part of your wedding party; they’re your closest friends and family, there to support you on your big day. What better way to honour them than by selecting beautiful dresses that make them feel confident and comfortable? However, with so many styles, colours and fabrics to choose from, finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses can seem like a daunting task. Fear not! We’re here to provide you with some inspiration and tips on how to pick the right dresses for your bridal party.

Pick Your Bridesmaids:

Picking your bridesmaids before diving into dress shopping is a must. These are your ride-or-die crew, the ones who’ll be there through every wedding-planning twist and turn. By getting them involved early on, you can consider their vibes, tastes and personal styles when choosing dresses that’ll have them feeling totally at ease. Plus, having your squad locked in ahead of time means you can keep the process chill and inclusive, so everyone feels like they’re part of the fun.


Set the Tone: 

Before you start browsing for bridesmaid dresses, take a moment to envision the overall atmosphere and theme of your wedding. Are you aiming for a timeless, romantic feel, or do you prefer a more contemporary and sophisticated vibe? Your bridesmaid dresses should harmonise with the aesthetic you’ve envisioned for your special day. If you’re exchanging vows with the sand between your toes at a beach wedding, consider breezy, ethereal dresses in soft pastel shades that sway gracefully with the ocean breeze. Alternatively, if your celebration is a formal affair set in a grand ballroom, opt for sumptuous, floor-length gowns in luxurious fabrics and rich jewel tones that exude elegance and glamour. 

Whatever your wedding style, let it guide your bridesmaid dress choices to ensure a cohesive and stunning ensemble that perfectly complements your vision.

Choose Your Wedding Dress First:

This leads us onto how important it is to choose your wedding dress before you start on the bridesmaid dresses!

Your selection of bridesmaid dresses is intricately linked to the style and design of your own wedding dress. It’s crucial to have your dress finalised before embarking on bridesmaid shopping adventures. This ensures that the bridesmaid outfits complement and enhance your bridal look seamlessly. Whether your dress exudes timeless elegance, modern chic, or bohemian charm, your bridesmaid dresses should harmonise with its silhouette, detailing and overall aesthetic.

Consider Your Venue and Season: 

The venue and time of year of your wedding play significant roles in determining the most suitable bridesmaid dresses. Take into account the climate and ambience of your chosen venue when selecting fabrics and styles. For summer weddings, lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and organza are ideal, allowing your bridesmaids to stay cool and comfortable in the warmer temperatures. In contrast, for autumn and winter weddings, consider opting for heavier fabrics like velvet and satin to provide warmth and sophistication. 

Additionally, the location of your wedding can influence your dress choices. If you're exchanging vows amidst the beauty of a garden or vineyard, opt for dresses in soft, muted tones that complement the natural surroundings and enhance the romantic atmosphere. 

By aligning your bridesmaid dresses with the venue and season, you'll create a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic that enhances the overall ambience of your special day.

Think About Styles and Body Shapes: 

Your bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique style preferences. When choosing dresses for your bridal party, it’s essential to consider their individual body types and preferences to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident on your big day. 

Look for universally flattering silhouettes, such as A-line or empire waist dresses, that compliment a variety of figures and offer a flattering fit. 

Additionally, consider the mix-and-match approach, allowing each bridesmaid to select a style that suits them best. Whether it’s a sweetheart neckline, a halter top, or a chic off-the-shoulder design, giving your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their preferred style ensures they feel empowered and confident in their attire. 

By embracing diversity in styles and accommodating individual preferences, you’ll create a unified yet personalised bridal party ensemble that celebrates the beauty of each bridesmaid.

Choose a Colour Palette: 

Choosing a colour palette for your bridesmaid dresses serves as a foundation for harmonising the entire aesthetic of your wedding. Take into consideration the season, venue, and your chosen wedding colour scheme when selecting colours for the dresses. 

For a summer wedding, envision soft pastels like blush pink, lavender, or baby blue that evoke the lightness and warmth of the season. Alternatively, embrace bright, vibrant hues such as coral, turquoise, or a sunny yellow to infuse a pop of energy and joy into your celebration. 

As for a winter wedding, delve into the realm of deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or rich burgundy, evoking a sense of opulence and warmth amidst the cooler temperatures. Additionally, consider incorporating metallic accents such as gold, silver or bronze for an added touch of glamour and sophistication. 

Don’t shy away from experimenting with your colour palette - mixing and matching shades can lend depth and visual interest to your bridal party’s look, creating a truly captivating and dynamic ensemble that reflects your unique style and personality.

Allow for Individuality:

While looking for a cohesive look within your bridal party is key, don’t overlook the beauty of embracing individuality. Grant your bridesmaids the freedom to express their unique personalities by offering flexibility in their dress choices. 

Whether it’s varying necklines, skirt lengths, or accessorising, allowing each bridesmaid to tailor her ensemble to her liking adds a personal touch to your wedding party while maintaining the overall aesthetic. Encouraging diversity in dress styles not only celebrates the individuality of each bridesmaid but also ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident in what they wear. 

After all, a wedding is a celebration of love and unity, where embracing diversity only enhances the beauty of the occasion.


Your bridesmaids are a continuation of you! Ensuring that your bridesmaids are feeling happy, confident and comfortable will only help you feel happier, more confident and more comfortable. 

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses is an exciting part of wedding planning, but it can also be overwhelming. By considering factors such as the tone of your wedding, venue and season, body types, colour palette, and individual preferences, you can select the perfect dresses. With a little bit of inspiration and careful consideration, you'll create a bridal party look that is truly unforgettable. Happy dress shopping!