Wedding Favour Ideas

By Molly Grainger | 27th March, 2024 in Ideas

Wedding Favour Ideas

The Top 15 Fun and Thoughtful Wedding Favours for 2024

Wedding favours aren’t required for your big day, but it is a lovely way to thank your guests for their attendance. Whether your budget is big or small, favours can be customisable to suit you and your partner's wedding needs.

We’ve all seen the traditional wedding favours that get given to guests during the wedding party, they are usually plain, boring and aren’t something you’ll cherish forever. Wedding favours don’t need to be this way and can actually be incredibly thoughtful and entertaining which will keep everyone thinking back to the day. 

Wedding favours are a great addition to the wedding reception tables and can work with the place names and theme for the wedding. For the tables of people who might not know each other very well, wedding favours can be great ice-breakers to keep your guests in good spirits all day. 

Choosing the right favours for your wedding party will ensure that at the end of the night, you don’t find them left at the table. We have created a list of some of the most fun and thoughtful gifts that your guests will lve and cherish long after the wedding day.

  1. Customised candles with the couple's initials or wedding date

Customised candles with your initials or wedding date add a touch of personalisation and elegance to the occasion, serving as meaningful mementoes for guests to remember the special day. The beauty of the candles can help dress up your reception tables to create a cohesive and striking table decoration.

Customised candles can be tailored to match the wedding theme or colour. Whether opting for classic monogrammed initials or including the wedding date, couples have the flexibility to create designs that reflect their unique style and personality.

  1. Mini succulents or potted plants

Mini succulents or potted plants make for charming and eco-friendly wedding favours that bring a touch of nature and freshness to the celebration. 

Mini succulents or potted plants serve as lasting reminders of your special day. As guests take home these green souvenirs, they bring a piece of the wedding celebration into their own homes, symbolising the growth and flourishing love.

As a couple, you can choose from a variety of plant species and pot designs to match the wedding theme or colour scheme. You can also personalise the pots with labels, tags, or ribbons, adding a special touch to each gift.

  1. Personalised keychains

Personalised keychains serve as practical and heartfelt wedding favours. By incorporating your initials, wedding date, or a meaningful message, personalised keychains become cherished keepsakes that guests can carry with them as a reminder of the special day.

Keychains offer a wide range of design options to suit your preferences and wedding theme. They can also be budget-friendly and easily ordered or DIYed in bulk, making them suitable for weddings of all sizes and budgets.

  1. Seed packets for guests to plant flowers or herbs

Seed packets as wedding favours are an incredibly thoughtful and symbolic gesture that allows you to share the growth and blooming of your love with guests.

Seed packets represent the beginning of new life and growth, mirroring the new journey you’re embarking on together. Choose seeds that reflect your relationship and wedding theme.

Seeds are an environmentally sustainable option, encouraging guests to plant flowers. This choice resonates with the eco-consciousness of you and your guests alike, offering a way to minimise the environmental footprint of the wedding while also fostering a connection with nature.

Seed packets can be customised to the wedding theme or colour scheme, with personalised packaging that includes initials, your wedding date, and a thoughtful message. 

  1. Engraved bottle openers

Engraved bottle openers may not be what first comes to mind when it comes to wedding favours, but bottle openers can be a really fun gift. 

Customising or engraving bottle openers allows you to add meaningful messages, initials or wedding dates and can turn a plain gift into a cherished memento, reminding guests of your big day.

They can be ordered in bulk and customised at home ensuring that they stay budget friendly and personal to you.


  1. Customised magnets with the couple's photo

Customised magnets featuring a photo of you and your partner are a heartwarming and personal choice for a wedding favour. 

Custom magnets serve as a cherished keepsake that guests can display in their own homes as a reminder of your special day. 

Magnets allow you to choose a selection of your own images that might reflect your style or maybe match your wedding theme. Custom magnets are budget-friendly and can be easily ordered in bulk making them perfect for weddings of all sizes.

  1. Mini picture frames

Mini picture frames make for a charming and sentimental wedding favour. Mini frames can be displayed on desks, mantelpieces or bedside tables and be a constant reminder of the love and happiness from your wedding day.

The best part about mini frames is they can be completely customisable and be a really fun DIY craft project to get stuck into. The frames can be based on your wedding theme or just be unique to the individual guest. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Personalised bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks are a thoughtful wedding favour and are perfect for bookworms.

Personalised bookmarks are an elegant wedding favour, they can be made from a variety of materials, from leather to paper. They can include your wedding initials and wedding date along with the guests’ names too, and can reflect your unique style. Along with the ability to personalise them, bookmarks can be a budget-friendly option for wedding favours. 

  1. Handwritten thank-you notes or poems

Handwritten thank-you notes or poems are an intimate and heartfelt wedding favour. These small yet meaningful tokens carry several endearing qualities, making them a cherished choice among couples seeking to convey their appreciation to their loved ones.

Whether you want to express your thanks for attending the wedding or share some cherished memories, these handwritten messages create a personal connection that goes beyond words. These thoughtful gifts can be designed with calligraphy, decorative accents and a wax seal stamp.

Thank you notes are a very budget-friendly option for wedding favours that still exude elegance and thoughtfulness.

  1. Customised handkerchiefs

Customised handkerchiefs make for elegant and sentimental wedding favours, offering guests a timeless and practical token of appreciation that they can cherish for years to come. 

Custom handkerchiefs can be made as stylish as you like and can include any colour or message you want for your wedding. Not only are they stylish, but the handkerchiefs are perfect for the day of the wedding to dry away the happy tears as you walk down the aisle or when entering your reception. Handkerchiefs are a timeless keepsake that guests can treasure for years to come.


  1. Miniature puzzles or brain teasers

Miniature puzzles and brain teasers make for great entertainment at the wedding table. These small yet captivating gifts add a touch of whimsy to your wedding favours.

Whether featuring classic puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, mind-bending brainteasers, or custom-designed challenges that reflect your interests or wedding theme, these favours can be tailored to suit your preferences and create a memorable experience for your guests.

  1. Customised playing cards

Customised playing cards are a playful and unique choice for wedding favours. Customised playing cards provide guests with a timeless form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone at the wedding party. Playing cards offer endless opportunities for fun and enjoyment during and after the wedding day. 

The playing cards can feature personalised touches with your initials, the date of the wedding and colours to match the theme. While you’re busy getting ready for the big day or getting your photos taken after the ceremony, playing cards will be a great form of entertainment to keep the wedding party going.

  1. Personalised USB drives with preloaded playlists or photos

This gift is perfect for those music and scrapbooking lovers who take loads of photos and always have a playlist on hand for any social occasion.

A personal keepsake is like a thank you letter in itself as you recognise them and their own personalities. 

Whether the USBs are preloaded with a curated playlist of your favourite songs or a selection of photos capturing special moments from the lead up to the celebration, these USB drives keep the celebrations going as a gift that you can keep forever.

All of the personalisation for this gift can be on the inside and not based on adding anything to the USB itself, making it an easy and budget friendly wedding favour for your guests.

  1. Custom temporary tattoos

Who hasn’t tried a temporary tattoo in their life? And what is cooler than having your own custom temporary tattoos for your wedding? 

Design your own tattoos with your initials, wedding date and even location and get them made for all of your guests. What a fun way to celebrate and bask in the love of your wedding day! 

Not only will they be entertaining but the photos while everyone has a go putting them on their body will be unique and so much fun.

  1. Customised hand fans for outdoor weddings

We’ve all been at a Summer wedding and it gets so hot that your makeup starts melting and your hair gel starts falling flat. So what a great idea custom hand fans are for those Summer or abroad weddings. 

Not only are they great keepsakes for your guests, but they're also very practical and will help keep all of your closest family and friends happy during your warm wedding.

Bulk buy your hand fans in any colour of your choice and customise them at home with stickers with your initials and wedding date on them. It’s a great budget-friendly gift for your wedding guests.


Wedding favours don’t have to be expensive or cause you a headache leading up to your wedding day. There are plenty of easy and fun ideas that will get all of the guests excited for the big day and keep them in good spirits as the day goes on.